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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Bikes, Beer and Babes: The 2012 Niagara Motorcycle Show

In past posts, I've mentioned different motorcycle shows and events that I think are worthwhile attending and how they can be the perfect way for you to find a bike thats the right fit for you. This week on Facebook I was invited to the 2012 Niagara Motorcycle Show, something I wasn't even aware that existed.  After looking at the shows website and FB group it looks like a pretty awesome event to check out if you have any interest in bikes, beer or babes.
Nick Lee

For $20 you can you buy a one day pass to the event which is held at the Scotiabank Convention Centre in Niagara Falls, or for $40 to you can get a three day pass.  The event is running from July 20-22 and has various components to it.  The event is classified as a trade show and along with its 250 venders there will also be live entertainment, celebrity appearances, stunt riders, a charity poker run and demo rides. If you're looking for a little customization like perhaps painting your motorcycle pink as I discussed two weeks ago, there will be custom shops present, along with leading manufactures and retailers.

Wall of Death
Even if you don't have a bike, or have no interest in purchasing one this event is still worth checking out.  Theres a food court, beer tent and even an award winning stunt show that I'm sure anyone can appreciate.  The "World Famous Wall of Death" will be present, which is a stunt show that has been running for over 30 years and has entertained thousands of spectators with its gravity defying act, along with Nick Lee and his famous 'World Burnout Tour'.  There also is going to be a 'Miss Niagara Motorcycle Pageant' which will feature 12 girls competing in various competitions to win the title 'Miss Niagara Motorcycle' and be featured on the cover of this years Niagara Motorcycle Calendar.

The event welcomes people of all ages, experience and both riders and non riders to come out, so whether you're there to shop for a new toy, appreciate some of the best bikes in town or just to drink a beer while watching a stunt show or the pageant, the 2012 Niagara Motorcycle show is sure to offer an afternoon or two of entertainment that anyone can enjoy.


  1. I had no idea this event is going to happen in the falls. Good post!

  2. aHHHHH! Is that woman seriously riding on a wall?! That's CRAZY! Sounds like a fantastic event. Definitely something to look forward too.

  3. Interesting event. I would go there just for fun

  4. bikes, beers and babes- count me in! Do you think I could ride my peddle bike on a wall? We'll see soon enough.
    Ps. Ellen, you're so adorably badass I love it.